The spa town in Lower Austria

With a population of just over 25,000 people, Baden bei Wien is definitely one of the centres in the province of Lower Austria. The town also has a special connection with Vienna, history brought it about that Baden bei Wien is connected to the 1st district in Vienna via a direct tram line - the Badener Bahn runs at short intervals and lets people stroll between Vienna and Baden bei Wien in Lower Austria.

Bezirk Baden: Schlagzeilen

28.04.23 / Baden:

Betrug: 100.000 Euro mit falscher Tochter und Staatsanwältin erbeutet

05.04.23 / Traiskirchen:

Wiener von Zivilstreife mit 252 auf der A2 bei Baden erwischt

18.03.23 / Traiskirchen:

Unfall: PKW kracht mit Radfahrer zusammen - 42-jähriger Radler tot

13.03.23 / Baden:

Raubversuch in Trafik: 26-jähriger zuerst ignoriert und dann festgenommen

10.03.23 / Baden:

Demenzkranke abgängige 94-jährige in Baden erschöpft wieder gefunden!

This page about Baden bei Wien is a private portal, it is not the official appearance of the city of Baden, but a project that simply deals with the city of Baden in Lower Austria. The page about Baden bei Wien has no official character, it is an information medium about the city of Baden. The website of the city of Baden can be found at

Attractive spa town Baden

Surrounded by landscapes with a particularly large amount of vineyards, the town of Baden has become a small hotspot. In addition to the spa park and the associated spa guests in Baden, the town also has numerous other attractions to offer. Around 1,000 people live and reside - on average - per square kilometre in Baden. The town of Baden covers an area of 26.89 square kilometres and currently has a population of over 25,000.

Places of interest in Baden

The most important sights in Baden near Vienna include the theatre, the casino and various museums and buildings, as well as the many parks, which offer numerous beautiful recreational opportunities for the people of Baden, but also for guests - not only spa guests. Baden has also earned a reputation as a spa town thanks to its sulphur springs, which have been known for thousands of years.

Bezirk Baden: Schlagzeilen
© videomar.atBetrug: 100.000 Euro mit falscher Tochter und Staatsanwältin erbeutet

28.04.23: Per Telefon kontaktierten Betrüger eine 86-jährige Frau aus Baden bei Wien. Am 26. April gegen 12 Uhr bekam …

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© Julian Hochgesang / Unsplash (qNKfj9mgraI)Wiener von Zivilstreife mit 252 auf der A2 bei Baden erwischt

05.04.23: Die Teams der Verkehrsabteilung Niederösterreich waren wieder einmal in der Region Baden mit Zivilstreifen …

Photo © Julian Hochgesang / Unsplash (qNKfj9mgraI)

© Österr. Rotes Kreuz (ÖRK) / HuernerUnfall: PKW kracht mit Radfahrer zusammen - 42-jähriger Radler tot

18.03.23: Zu einem schrecklichen Unfall ist es in Traiskirchen auf der Trumauer Straße (Landesstraße 156) gekommen. …

Photo © Österr. Rotes Kreuz (ÖRK) / Huerner

© Alexandre Debiève / Unsplash (HReDVliWJ7U)Raubversuch in Trafik: 26-jähriger zuerst ignoriert und dann festgenommen

13.03.23: Mangelnde Zuwendung hat ein Räuber in Baden erleben müssen und offenbar nicht so gut verkraftet - eine …

Photo © Alexandre Debiève / Unsplash (HReDVliWJ7U)

© ÖRK/Alexander SegerDemenzkranke abgängige 94-jährige in Baden erschöpft wieder gefunden!

10.03.23: Mit Hilfe eines Polizeihundes ist es gelungen eine seit 9. März abgängige demenzkranke Frau im Alter von 94 …

Photo © ÖRK/Alexander Seger

Bezirk Baden: Schlagzeilen

Shopping in Baden

Something that makes Baden very special is the structure of Baden's town centre. This is because, unlike many other towns, politicians have succeeded over many decades in preventing commercial sprawl in Baden. Large shopping centres or retail parks have not gained a foothold in Baden, but the town centre with its numerous small shops has remained unusually popular and lively. This achievement of Baden's economy and population is, when one looks at other comparable cities of this size, consistently exceptional.

Even if the city centre perhaps lacks one or the other big "brand" as a result, which in any case usually have an identical range of products worldwide, one can still shop in Baden for all needs - whether clothing/fashion, jewellery, daily necessities or even appliances and household articles.

The town centre of Baden is certainly worth a shopping trip!

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Baden / Vienna, Lower Austria - Digital Billboard

History of Baden

There is more known about the history of Baden than we can write about on this website. First of all, the most important facts about the town of Baden near Vienna and its history in brief: with the current finds, meaning the first archaeological finds from the King's Cave (near the Rauheneck castle ruins), we can go back about 3,000 years before the birth of Christ. This is also known as the "Baden culture", which refers to an archaeological culture that took place in the Copper Age. Locally, this refers to the Middle Danubian region, and the culture is named after the finds in Baden near Vienna. The core area of the whole cultural region was the east of Austria and the neighbouring country Hungary. With the help of radio-carbon dating (meaning the degree in the decay process of carbon atoms) it has been possible to date some finds to the time of about 3000 years before the birth of Christ, i.e. about 5,000 years in the past.

Plague column: Trinity column in Baden

Our cover picture on the website also shows the landmark in the centre of the town of Baden: The Trinity Column, which was created between 1714 and 1718 by the sculptor Giovanni Stanetti. It goes back to the design of a painter named Martino Altomonte. This column stands on a three-sided plinth in the middle of the main square in Baden between the town hall and the Café Central, which is well-known in Baden. The column stands on a pedestal and has 3 legs. In front of these three legs are the saints Rosalia, Mary Magdalene and Peter. Below, i.e. in the base, there are figures and at all three corners of the column there are also three golden reliefs. These reliefs depict nine motifs. They include Moses with the serpent, Lot with the angel, Hangar in the desert, Christ healing gout-broken people, Annunciation, Pentecost, Noah's arks, three angels with Abraham and the scene "Jacob wrestling with the angel".

Incidentally, the city council of Baden decided to build the column on 8 July 1713, the occasion being the overcoming of the plague. At that time, it was decided to erect a column in honour of the Holy Trinity on the main square. Less than a year later, on 3 July 1714, the foundation stone was laid. The column was inaugurated in June 1718. After that, numerous restorations of the column were carried out, beginning in 1756. The last time the column was renovated was in 1980.

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